Ila Gartin

Habit Stacking

Humans are creatures of habit. We tend to like routines. Even if some of us are considered spontaneous, we spend most of our days repeating the same actions, talking with the same people, and watching Netflix. Oops. We’re inclined to do the same things over and over, without even thinking about it. One of the …

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virus cell red triangles on gray sphere

Viral Anxiety

After a short hiatus, we decided to return with a piece addressing the elephant in the room – feelings that may be arising because of recent changes to your routine, information overload, or lack of accurate information. The last few weeks have shown us some drastic changes in the US social structure, economy, and healthcare …

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Silhouette of woman looking at night sky with grace birds moon


Ahhh, Grace. We typically think of grace as the attribute we don’t have: elegance in movement and attitude, which some of us may actually have. The rest of us often joke that we aren’t named Grace for a reason. Unless, of course, you ARE named Grace. Then it gets awkward. When we think of giving …

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Time to Rest

Merry Christmas – it’s time to slow down, rest, take care of yourself. This is my FAVORITE time of year. I LOVE Christmas! As a Christian, I love all the representations of Christmas traditions, I love the lights, the trees, the music, the whole celebration. I realize not all of you are Christian and don’t …

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Calendar Audit

Audit. THAT sounds like fun, right?? I know, anything called an audit feels like it might be work…monotonous, tedious, I’d-rather-sacrifice-my-left pinky-finger work. This, however, IS the work we must do to make sure we’re being intentional with our time and spending it on activities that move us closer to our goals, as well as WITH …

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