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Keeping Agreements

J. Everette Pierce

As the end of February approaches I want to check in with you and see where you are in relation to your resolutions and goals for 2021. 

Have you started working toward them? Have you made progress? Have you completely fallen off the wagon? 

This is a gentle reminder that the resolutions we make and the goals we set are agreements we make with ourselves.  When we break the agreements we make with ourselves, our self trust is damaged and our confidence suffers.  

The agreements we make with others and with ourselves require commitment from us. We must be committed to a course of action that will move us forward in a way that allows us to keep our agreements.  

What course of action are you committed to? Do you have a clear plan for making it happen? What changes do you need to make in your environment to support yourself? 

I don’t care how many times you’ve fallen down, how many times you’ve failed, or if you’re embarrassed that you haven’t even started yet.

I want you to know that wherever you are in this process is exactly where you need to be.  I want you to forgive yourself for any mistakes you feel you’ve made, and remember that you’re human. I want you to be kind, loving, and gentle with you. I want you to remember that mistakes and failures are opportunities to learn and grow and that they don’t mean anything about you.  

Take a moment today to pause and revisit your resolutions and goals and to refine and clarify your plan. Are these really the agreements you want to make with yourself? What level of commitment are you bringing to this effort? Is your plan clear? 

Reach higher,


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