Explore. Ignite. Transform.

Having experienced and continuing to travel our own personal development journeys, we’ve found a passion for helping others on their own pilgrimage. We’d love to lead you through an exploration of the tools, concepts, and techniques that will resource and sustain you, generate results, and create momentum as you develop a more intimate relationship with yourself and craft a life you love. We want to create community, facilitate connection, and serve as guides for sparking insight throughout your personal growth journey.

We want to help you discover your passion – the thing that ignites your soul and brings you ultimate joy. We will find that enthusiasm and cultivate it, leading you to transformation. We want you to be you – the real you, no holding back, no playing small, no self-judgment or fear. THAT is the transformation we want to see you achieve.

Keeping in mind that this is a journey and there is no end, know that we will always have a cycle of exploring, igniting, and transforming. You may be in all phases of the cycle at once. Or maybe you haven’t started exploring and have no idea what ignites your soul. That’s okay. No matter where you are on your journey, we’ve saved a seat for you here, friend. Through learning, discussion, and evaluation, we want to spark a cultural change to better the world. Settle in and join us. We’re about to embark on the journey of a lifetime…


Ila Gartin

Hey, there! I’m Ila (EYE-luh). I’m a physical therapist by trade, but my passion lies in helping others reveal their shine, realize their worth, and find love...for themselves. 

There were a couple of years where negativity came at me from all directions. A few issues were major changes in my life (my living situation, loss of my best friend, marriage, loss of my job) and would have been overwhelming on their own. Some concerns were small, in hindsight, but they got stacked on top of everything else and I felt like I was drowning. 

I felt completely inadequate. I was a failure. I wasn’t a good enough wife. I wasn’t a good enough daughter. I clearly wasn’t a good enough friend. I wasn’t a good enough dog mom. I wasn’t good enough at housekeeping. I wasn’t good enough at my job. I wasn’t good enough at making dinner. I wasn’t good enough at my side hustle. I wasn’t good enough at doing laundry. I just wasn’t good enough. 

After contemplating therapy for about 2 years, I finally made the hardest phone call ever. I set up my first appointment...and I never looked back. That’s the best decision I’ve made for my life and I wouldn’t have found my true passion - the stuff that ignites my soul - without it. 

Since then, I’ve been on a life-changing journey. My cousin, Everette, and I have been talking weekly for two years, taking this personal growth journey together, and supporting each other along the way. In the process, I’ve read the books, taken online courses, and learned as fast as I can about personal growth and becoming a better me - FOR me. I’ve been finding my confidence, learning new life skills (almost EVERYTHING is a skill that can be learned!), and making changes to my daily routine to provide fuel for becoming the best me possible. 

Did you know that becoming the best you allows you to be your best for those you care about, also? I’d love to share my story and help to guide you in exploring yourself, igniting your soul, and experiencing a transformation to rival the butterfly’s.
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